Video Bokeh Apps Full

In Playstore itself there are many applications that support video recording, not only the bokeh feature but you can get various other interesting features.

Interesting features like HDR, Slow Motion, Time Lapse, and various other features that you can use in making videos.

Lens Blur

Lens Blur is a Bokeh video application that allows users to produce attractive video footage with a soft blur effect.

Users can choose the area to be highlighted and the Lens Blur feature will help blur the back quickly.

By using this application, you seem to be a professional video editor even though you don’t have a DSLR camera and video editor experience at all.

The features contained in it include focus fingers, adjust blur, focus on black and white as a background, and share easily to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube.

Blur Video

The Blur Video application provides many ways to add motion blur to your videos, and features like Fun Blur or FreeStyle Blur are easy to use.

The Instagram no Crop feature allows you to upload videos to social media platforms in the same aspect ratio when a video is recorded.

Which means that application users can add effects to the capture area that would normally be cropped.

Blur Video and Image

This application may still be as old as corn, because it was first released in November 2018. But for quality problems, this application is no less competitive than other bokeh video applications.

This application allows users to create blur effects on images and videos stored in the Android gallery.

Real Bokeh Light Effects

Because of its popularity, to use this bokeh video application, Android users must pay around Rp. 13 thousand.

Many features are implemented by developers in this application and almost all of them are able to maximize video results.

After Focus

With the AfterFocus application, you can produce photos against a background of bokeh effects, such as taken from a DSLR camera, just by selecting the focus area you want.

In addition, there are also some filter effects that can be used to make photos more natural and realistic.