Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go – because the manufacturer was very successful in mixing the Android market at the time, because Pokemon Go has a unique game play mechanism and is very different from the game available so far.

Although it was less popular at the time, Pokémon Go still had fans from around the world. Sensor Tower noted that pokemon has so far managed to collect Rp3.5.1 trillion in revenue. Too many numbers for this old game.

In this regard, we will share Pokemon go Mod Apk, has been heavily modified features.

Want to know the excitement of using this modification game? Consider the following discussion. Cekidot

What is Pokémon Go Mod apk?

Pokémon Go is a very popular game in 2016 because it has a unique gaming system. Users should play this game by tracking GPS around GPS.

Pokémon GO has made great strides in the mobile gaming market and has been downloaded more than 800 million times and the game has won numerous awards, including the Best Game and Application Developer Choice Award. . Year “” is provided by TechCrunch.

This game has now introduced new features and will definitely add interest to the game. One of its new features is Social and Exchange, which allows players to connect with each other by adding friends, sending gifts and participating in the new Friendship Level system.

Main features of Pokemon Go Mod Apk

For more accurate location information, we recommend playing with active GPS when connecting to the game.

  • Friends, gifts and exchange
  • PVP coach
  • Dynamic weather
  • Fieldwork and special studies
  • Raid battles and legendary Pokémon
  • Pokemon and new generation shiny Pokémon
  • Picture of Pokémon Go
  • Lucky Pokémon
  • Fixes

How to use fun

The joystick makes it easy for players to move their avatar from one place to another without leaving the house, this can definitely save time and make finding Pokémon easier, right? How to use the joystick:

  • You must first download the FlyGps apk on PlayStore
  • After the application is downloaded
  • Now you have to go into settings, choose a manufacturer and choose a fake location
  • Then enter location settings to get a more accurate location
  • Open FlyGps
  • Select the location mode to be controlled
  • Play on Pokémon Go and get a new sense of play without having to go around this game

How to install

Some people may not know how to install software outside of PlayStore and here we provide instructions, follow these steps:

  • First download Apk Pokémon Go Mod from the button above
  • Wait until the download is complete
  • Now enable Unknown Sources in Settings / Security / Unknown Sources and enable applications installed outside PlayStore
  • Reinstall Pokemon Go Mod Apk
  • Installed successfully
  • Enjoy