One Piece Bounty Rush Mod

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is a tactical role playing game developed and released by Bandai Namco.

This game has been released for the first time since 2017, but for some reason, ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is temporarily closed.
It makes people who play games feel uncomfortable and confused.

Until early 2019, this new game has been reopened so that players can continue playing the game.

What is One Piece Bounty Rush?

One Piece: Bounty Rush is a popular mobile action-playing game based on the One Piece manga. This game was developed by Bandai Namco.

ONE PIECE pirate adventure journey

As the name implies, you can easily guess what the game’s content is, as we know this game was developed based on the popular Japanese manga One Piece, which has been successful with many other genres such as Anime, Video Game, etc.

Then the franchise was released on a mobile device, One Piece Bounty Rush is an Acion RPG game designed to combine high-tempo gameplay with its own charm.

Join the game, you will be with other players and form a team to step into PvP battles in real-time.

3D graphics

Apart from gameplay, the quality of 3D game graphics is also rewarded with a 360 degree camera angle, so you can observe the game in the most detailed and clearest way.

As for the drawing style, ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is still designed as the original, more exactly the same as the Anime version, from making characters to each character’s skills.

Visual effects such as shadows, lighting effects, and sound effects will make the game clearer. A very authentic pirate world has been built in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush for you to discover.

Mod Features

  • Frozen Enemy
  • Always Skill
  • Work only SOLO mode
  • God Mode
  • No Skill CD

How to install apk

  1. First, download apk
  2. If you have already installed the older version, uninstall it first.
  3. Before installing, first enable an unknown or unknown resource.
  4. Click the file and install the Apk
  5. Once installed successfully, open the app and enjoy!