Marvel Strike Force

Not only are they ideas for highly successful movies, these superheroes are also a good source of ideas for developers to create interesting game titles. And the Marvel Strike Force Mod apk is one of these mobile games.

Does this game have magnificent graphics that are not inferior to the existing Marvel games on the console, intrigued by the game? Let’s discuss before the game. Cekidot

What is the Marvel Strike Force Mod apk?

Marvel Strike Force Mod Apk is an RPG fighting game developed by developer FoxNext Games, Fight and Collect Heroes to save the earth.

Basically, Marvel Strike Force is a story that revolves around the superheroes of the Marvel world for the war against the most evil Thanos in the universe who plan to destroy Earth.

The attack began and the superheroes joined together to protect the Earth, commanding your superheroes in the strongest forces, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Curls, Venom, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Man. Get ready to save the earth!

In the game, you will play the role of the supreme commander. Your job is to choose a superhero involved in an ongoing mission to investigate the mysterious attack. You can form a team of up to five superheroes simultaneously, each of which has its strengths and abilities.

This game creates a turn-based battle system, which means that you not only have to have a great superhero, but you also have the right strategy during the battle.

Each superhero has a skill and you must combine each hero to make a combined attack. When attacking, each superhero will use his abilities to attack the designated opponents, in combination with the team to win.

Strong forces

Recruit your Strike Force and train strong MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villain troops such as Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Elektra, Dr. Strange and others.

Graphics with beautiful images

FoxNext promises to offer players a memorable graphic experience by designing the game’s characters in 3D graphics as real as possible.

Plan your strategy

What heroes or villains have you chosen to fight with. Join some superheroes and a super villain to make epic comic moves to defeat the enemy.

The tactics and strategies in 5v5 battles are very important. You must be smart in choosing the heroes that will give you the power to conquer the best villains in the Marvel universe.


  • Increase energy (you can immediately use the ability of the third character)
  • You can attack
  • The enemy does not attack

How to install

Maybe some of you don’t know how to install applications outside of PlayStore. Actually, installing the application is very simple, follow these steps:

  1. Download the application first
  2. Before installing the application, you must first go to Settings
  3. Then choose Security and Privacy
  4. Now select an unknown source and then select Accept
  5. Install the Marvel Strike Force Mod Apk app you downloaded earlier
  6. Wait until the installation is 100% complete
  7. Run the application
  8. done