Last Day on Earth Mod

If you want to feel nervous and anxious when dealing with zombies and survive in the apocalyptic world?

Then we will introduce you to the game with that theme, Last Day on Earth: Survival, a game developed and released by Kefir.

What is Last Day on Earth?

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk is a survival action game for iOS and Android platforms, developed by Kefir developers.


The world has experienced tremendous chaos, which is a pandemic caused by a mysterious virus, making every living thing on Earth a strange creature.
This virus spreads very quickly and when humans contract the virus. Then they will turn into Zombies.

Transmission of this virus from rare organisms caused by bites then spreads to the body. These zombies are creatures that have no common sense.

Their food is raw meat or blood, and they can recognize the sounds and aromas of humans, with this frightening ability, the number of organisms is growing rapidly.

Only great people can survive, and your character will be one of them. You have to use various methods to survive in order to avoid the danger of zombies and other players.

In addition to the zombies, the players must also kill each other to have the source to survive. But you can also choose to work with several players to kill zombies and defeat other players.


An adventure game that is simple to play, without your assignment to freely do anything here, you also have to practice your tactics.

If you want to be stronger, you must gain experience by gathering resources, killing zombies and other players.

The experience you get will help you improve and gain new skills that will make you stronger.

Mod Features

  • Duplicate various items
  • Free craft
  • Free construction
  • No building requirements
  • Free update
  • Infinite weapon strength
  • Infinite armor strength
  • Unlimited skills
  • Energy is not wasted when walking
  • Quick map travel

How to install apk

  1. First, download apk
  2. If you have already installed the older version, uninstall it first.
  3. Before installing, first enable an unknown or unknown resource.
  4. Click the file and install the Apk
  5. Once installed successfully, open the app and enjoy!