KineMaster Pro

With the latest features, you can download free apk files of different versions and explain the benefits of the latest versions.

Use great videos made with KineMaster to increase the reach and popularity of YouTube channels and become a YouTube star.

This app works on many Android-based tablets and smartphones, but not all of you will see the following requirements for features.

You can edit photo, audio, video, effects, and text files in a full editor. Kine Master Pro Mod provides all the features you need to get the most out of your videos.

Difference between Kinemaster MOD and Kinemaster Playstore

This great video editing app will ensure your video editing quality. This app publisher provided the app on PlayStore, but the results of the video produced there are watermarked (background image).

You will need to pay around $ 5 per month to get rid of the watermark or get a full subscription to the full menu features of the app.

Now, with the latest version of the kinemaster 2020, you don’t have to pay a little money, you can enjoy all the features in this mod app article. Here we offer several versions of Kinemaster, including v8, v9 and 10.

What is Kinemaster?

Kinemaster is a full-featured video editor for Android, with KineMaster you can add video layers and enable layouts, image effects, and more.

The newly updated KineMaster is widely designed to keep up with the latest Android trends while maintaining ease of editing.

Adding a variety of effect functions, such as adding a new concept, multi-layered tags, and adding video clip text further reduces the flexibility of the video editor.

Latest version features

  • Multi-layered for “videos”, pictures, stickers, text, handwriting.
  • Frame and frame splitting, joining and cutting
  • Quick preview
  • Adjusts hue, brightness and saturation
  • Video file speed control
  • Sound on and off
  • Transition Effects (eg 3D Transitions, On / Off, PiP)
  • Themes, animations, visual and sound effects
  • Share via YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Dropbox and more

Mode v8 function

  • A color lock feature that can add video and change the background with a green screen.
  • Video edited without watermark
  • Preview your edited video instantly, then edit it easily.
  • This version supports all kinds of video format.
  • You can add multiple video layers with 3D transition effects.

Transfer to Android error Here’s what you need to do:

  • Update the KM Mod version by clicking the download button above using the latest version
  • It is recommended that you do not use any screen recorder applications during export, as the encoder will often cause problems / conflicts with your KM Mode application.
  • The KM Mode application processes the encoder so that if you use another application, will fail.

How to install apk

  1. First, download apk
  2. If you have already installed the older version, uninstall it first.
  3. Before installing, first enable an unknown or unknown resource.
  4. Click the file and install the Apk
  5. Once installed successfully, open the Kinemaster Mode Apk; you can now edit videos as you like.