Honkai Impact 3 Mod

Are you looking for an android game that carries a style like Japanese anime? If so, we will share the game with this theme. The game in question is Honkai Impact 3.
Because this game has very beautiful graphics, with very interesting gameplay.

What is Honkai Impact 3?

Honkai Impact 3 Mod Apk is a mobile game that carries the Anime style by carrying the Action RPG genre and developed by miHoYo.


This game tells the story of three characters named Kiana, Raiden Mei, and Bronya who were assigned to defeat the “Honkai” and save the world from the attack of mysterious forces who want to destroy the earth.

Defeat all monsters and Honkai who will bring destruction to the world.


The game will open with the arrival of the Hongkai who landed on earth. You as a Valkyrie warrior guarding the earth are assigned to defeat and destroy the evil intentions of the Honkai.

In Honkai Impact 3 gameplay, you can choose 3 characters that are already available, each character has different attack styles and strengths.

You can also customize your favorite characters, by adding a few accessories and others. So that makes players not get bored playing this game.

Rich Character System

You can collect a lot of new characters available, you can get characters by buying using real money or participating in certain events that have exclusive character prizes.

As already mentioned above, that each character has different skills and has certain items that help upgrade the strength of the characters.

Game Mode

In the game Honkai Impact 3 provides several game modes, including Story, PVE Battle, Mini Game and others.

You can freely participate in various modes, there are also interesting events that are available every week. Don’t miss this event because there are attractive prizes that you can get for free.

Mod Features

  • Mod No. CD
  • Mod NO SP
  • Enemy Mod Dump

How to install apk

  1. First, download apk
  2. If you have already installed the older version, uninstall it first.
  3. Before installing, first enable an unknown or unknown resource.
  4. Click the file and install the Apk
  5. Once installed successfully, open the app and enjoy!