GTA Vice City

On the 10th anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the publisher of Rockstar Games released this famous game for Android devices.

Whether you are an old player or a new player, you may have heard of this game, right? Let’s look at the evolution of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The first release of the Playstation, released on October 29, 2002 in North America.

Short story from GTA Vice City

The story of this game begins in the 1980s, in a fantastic city reminiscent of Miami, in the 1980s that inspired Americans everywhere, a financial crisis, drugs and crime was a violent period.

The main character of the play is Tommy Vercetti, a gangster who was released from prison after a failed drug operation.

During a venture between him and the Vance brothers on the dock, an unknown third man threatened them and managed to catch Tommy’s bodyguards, but luckily escaped.

Tommy begins his quest to find the traitor and creates a large gang to defeat the traitor.

Toy mechanism

For those who aren’t familiar with this game, GTA Vice City is a combination of many types such as tattoos, adventure, action, robbery / theft and even murder.

Makadar, this game is designed for adults and this game is not recommended for minors because there are many inappropriate scenes.

At the beginning of the game, the first thing people play in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is to steal cars and kill pedestrians on the street.

Feel that everything in this city belongs to you. You can do whatever you want. It performs tasks such as looting, performing different tasks, selling drugs and even killing people.

Of course, the police will not remain silent if you commit murder or theft. They always want to find you and arrest you. You can also shoot them, but I don’t recommend doing so.

Every time you hit the police, the number of stars you have will increase. The more stars, the more police use great power to defeat you.

If you have five stars, you may already have received a death sentence. If you want to get away from the police, you just have to get away and keep them in a quiet and safe place.

Features Mod

  • unlimited money
  • Free shopping
  • Unlocked weapons

How to install APK + OBB data

For those who don’t know, we provide a brief and clear tutorial as below on how to download and install applications from the PlayStore:

  1. First download the APK and OBB data in the Button Button above. and wait a few minutes for the download to complete.
  2. Once the download is 100% open, open the folder where you saved your previously downloaded apk file.
  3. Make sure you have the app installed outside the PlayStore on your Smartphone. If not, you can follow these paths: Enter your Smartphone settings and select> Security, then select> Enable Unknown Installation Sources> and Enable Download from External PlayStore.
  4. If you have checked the “Allow unknown sources to load” option on your Smartphone.
  5. Then you need to go back to the storage folder, find the previously downloaded application, install the application and wait until the installation is complete.
  6. uploaded successfully.