Learning foreign languages ​​is very easy to get these days, unlike in the days of our parents or brothers. Those who want to learn a foreign language, or especially English, have to buy a dictionary, go to an English class or even call a tutor to their home, of course it costs a lot.

Of course, it is different from the present era in which everything is completely instantaneous. If you want to learn something, just ask Google. Talk about learning a foreign language: there are many online dictionary apps and the like on the Internet right now. The question is: “Is it enough to be able to speak with correct pronunciation, clear intonation and right?”

A quick way to learn different languages ​​is of course to practice. But can you communicate well by simple practice? Perhaps now you have the ability to write, read and listen. However, speaking or direct communication is a very different matter.

The most effective way to practice your communication skills in a foreign language is to speak directly. However, the problem is that not everyone who has a conversation partner can communicate in a foreign language.

Therefore, online communication is the most suitable solution. Here we will talk about Duolingo application that helps users easily learn to speak with accurate, clear pronunciation and intonation to avoid misunderstandings when speaking directly. Immediately to discuss the application.

What is duolingo?

Duolingo is a learning application for many foreign languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Poland and Turkey.

The app has received a lot of positive feedback and awards so far

Duolingo is the most popular language learning platform on Googleplay and is the most downloaded educational application worldwide with over hundreds of millions of users. It has received many positive reviews from users in the Googleplay Store. Duolingo received a 4.7 star rating from all users around the world.

The application has also received several awards, one of which is the “Best Language Learning Application”. from Wall Street Magazine. Duolingo is said to feel like a game and has been shown to work. The goal of this company is to make education free, entertaining, entertaining and accessible to everyone.

Foreign language skills can only be improved with one application

Among the thousands of language learning applications, the Duolingo application gives users the opportunity to learn a foreign language while feeling like they are playing a simple game but gaining useful knowledge.

The application is quite simple and makes it easier for different groups to access. The app also provides users with the opportunity to practice a foreign language with easy to advanced interactive training levels.

Duolingo Mod feature

  • Ad-free disruption
  • Open language course
  • Start learning open
  • Open special offer function
  • Open power up function
  • Open costume function
  • Open bonus function
  • Available for offline download
  • Disable / Delete unwanted permissions + recipients and services
  • Analysis / Crashlytics is disabled

How to install

  • First download the apk file using the button above
  • After the download is completed, activate Unknown Sources in Settings / Security / Unknown Sources and activate the installation application from outside PlayStore.
  • Now install the apk
  • After successful installation, you can open the application
  • Enjoy