Coocoo WhatsApp

Whatsapi modes have become more common lately, and many developers have changed whatsapi to have unique features. Today Malavida has introduced the latest version of whatsapp mode, Coocoo WhatsApp.

What is Coocoo WhatsApp?

This is an android application specially developed by Coocoo Whatsapp to change the chat experiences for android users worldwide.

WhatsApp is one of the most famous and most used chat applications in the world. WhatsApp officially has so many restrictions that most users get bored with them.

Looking at people’s problems, most companies have developed a modified version of the original WhatsAp application.

This revised version gives users more features and privileges that the original WhatsApp does not offer.

This modified version is used by most Android users to get more privileges for free.

Key Features of Coocoo WhatsApp

  • Simple, safe and reliable application.
  • More than seventy photo effects were used during video chat.
  • All the features of the original WhatsAp are available.
  • Thousands of different filters and themes are available.
  • Unique and user-friendly.
  • No ads.
  • There is no age limit to use this app.
  • Registration is required to use this app.
  • Free application. There is no hidden cost.
  • Clear the WhatsAp activity log.
  • Increase the download and upload capabilities of all files.
  • You can send 10 pictures directly.
  • Increase the duration of the video status.
  • DND mode.
  • Proximity sensor.
  • Download and set the theme you want.
  • Disables the last seen message reading and viewing status.
  • Notifications and status activation cannot be deleted.
  • Hide, type, read and save the blue control.
  • Set the background as desired.

Coocoo WhatsApp Mod Apk

This app contains too many filters and effects that you use during a chat, but there is no original WhatsApp.

You can apply these filters and effects to your photos and videos during video chat.

Color your chat experience with thousands of different color themes waiting for you. To use this color theme, open the settings options, select the color phone, and apply the theme you want to use.

How to install

Maybe some of you don’t know how to download apps from Playstore so you can watch them
Install the following unknown source application:

  1. First, download the CooCoo WhatsApp Anti Banned App using the button above.
  2. Easily accessible Select an external storage folder to edit Mode application files and wait up to 100% for downloads
  3. Once you have successfully downloaded the application, first enable “Install Unknown Resource Application” in the settings
    Your smartphone.
  4. Locate the Mode folder of the previously downloaded application, then select Install application and wait a few minutes.
  5. After successful installation, you can use the Mode application and access its various features.