AndroVid Pro Video Editor

When editing videos, we have to do a lot between editing, adding sound effects, etc., with the purpose and purpose of making the videos we produce more enjoyable.

and don’t regularly distribute it to those around us, then we’ll get lots of compliments for what we did by doing something best.

Of course, we need many options and support from the tools we use in these activities. Image brightness and audio clarity are still preferred when recording videos

Moreover, when the moment becomes a special memory in our lives that is liked by many people or our next generation, it is not something that can be real fun and for them. We have a deeper understanding of this field.

But can we do that in a relatively short and simple process? You missed this question because we are sure about it

As a good reader, he is not a technology stagnant, and you will certainly follow the rapid development of technology and understand how to use it.

and take advantage of the subtleties of developing technology without us telling you, understand what we are talking about on this occasion.

But not for the sake of sponsoring you, but essentially, we’re just reminding you that there are tons of apps we can use for the editing process in the videos we create so we can see better. .

One of them is the Androvid Pro app, we want to give you all by prioritizing the app’s advantages and features to help you in your video editing process.

What is Androvid Pro?

AndroVid Pro is a simple Android video editing application with many functions that makes it part of the interesting and simple “Video” category and the “Video” subcategory developed by Visover Ltd. was created.

This app is known for the following features and quality: video editing, video sharing, editing options for video filters and more. We will discuss in more detail below, Makadar, do not ignore it – ignore it. Must be read to the end to properly understand the functionality of this application.

Androvid Pro Video Editor is an interesting and unique video editing application for the Android operating system, allowing you to make special changes to video files and edit them to make them more attractive and beautiful. The application also supports different languages ​​such as Persian, Arabic and English with advanced and unique functions.

AndroVid Pro function:

  • Combine multiple videos into one file (videos must have the same format and size [width x height])
  • Add music (change sound or mix other music with original audio, adjust volume)
  • Delete unwanted middle part of the video
  • Split video parts into separate video clips
  • Convert video format to audio format (MP3, M4A, WAV, WMA, ASF, FLAC).
  • Convert video formats to other video formats (AVI, FLV, MP4, MPEG-2, MOV, VOB).
  • Sort videos by name, size, duration and date
  • Ability to add borders to videos as background
  • Ability to add different frames to videos to enhance the beauty with many beautiful effects.
  • Video effects (fade in / out, gray tones, mirrors, negatives, delete audio, slow motion / fast motion, U-V exchange)
  • Create high quality video clips
  • Share video clips on social networks

How to install

  1. First download the apk file above
  2. After the download is completed, activate Unknown Sources in Settings / Security / Unknown Sources and activate the installation application from outside PlayStore.
  3. Install apk
  4. Installed successfully